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is he gay

im honestly still not sure

gunsintheground said: Sooo many women love Rhind-tutt and straight guys just do not get it, at all. The mind boggles.

he’s beautiful (like, unusually, femininely beautiful)


and his face is fascinating


and his hair is amazing


and straight men are baffling tbh. i can think of three characters, off the top of my head, that he was cast to play because he exudes this indefinable quality that most women (and a lot of men, c.f. BOTH GREEN WING AND BLACK BOOKS) find charming and desirable. MEN????????? TBH????????

idk guys if i end up with a man they’ll have an interestingly lopsided face and the confidence to tell men being misogynistic to me in public to shove it and be able to make me laugh when we’re stuck in traffic jams and apparently this makes men Really Angry for some reason, sorry that’s not u but i’m not sorry

the extent to which many women who are attracted to men often find ‘feminine’ features attractive in men really threatens some straight men soooooo much tbh

brownjesus said: Matthew Gray Gubler is sooooooo attractive, God help us.

right??? mgg is uncannily beautiful, has gorgeous hands, adorable jumpers, is weird, funny, has stunning cheekbones, and exudes an aura of being reliable, polite, and safe. like. i feel like i could get stuck in a lift with mgg at 3am and be 100% sure that i’d be perfectly fine. he could show me some magic tricks. it’d be great. IT’S SO WEIRD THAT MEN DON’T SEEM TO GET THAT WOMEN TEND TO REALLY LIKE MOST OR EVEN ALL OF THESE THINGS

trying to explain to straight men that if i marry a man i’d want it to be someone modelled on the aforementioned julian rhind-tutt or stephen mangan, or like, richard ayoade! my ex-bf looks eerily like matt smith! men with interesting, almost funny-looking faces, and lots of charisma and wit. and they get soooooooooooo weird and hostile and angry about it, which i just. DO NOT UNDERSTAND. i was never going to have sex with you! you learning this information is irrelevant, it has no effect on that status!

laydownanywhere said: one day men will get that we don’t all want to fuck their weird power fantasies and that weird looking dudes are often hotter

I’M NOT ATTRACTED TO CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE MEN I REALLY DON’T GET WHY THIS IS SO HARD. i like men with weird noses and sharp bone structure and scars and fey wrists and i am super tired of having to tell cis straight men who know that they are conventionally attractive that the fact that they want to ‘honour’ me, a unconventionally attractive woman, with the gift of their penis is actually a really shit gift

straight men, ask thyself ‘why do so many women i know find matthew gray gubler attractive’ and reflect

brownjesus said: It must be so nice to be your own physical ideal. I’ve definitely had that talk with someone I was paired with in secondary school when he complained that women hated men like him and I was like, “Yes, we hate men like you, you’re a whiny pissant.”

there’s just so much entitlement involved! like, i don’t get mad when men aren’t attracted to me— although i sometimes have got mad when they explain why to me. you find androgyny in women disturbing! shocking! you don’t have to be attracted to me, no one is obligated to be attracted to me, but ur gross!

but that’s not what’s making these men angry. they don’t want women to have types or ideals or standards or care about compatibility or well, anything, really.

laydownanywhere said: to be fair u find andrew shaw and his ilk attractive & not like, gabe landeskog

okay tru i’m probably hot enough for an andrew shaw and ur right i’m not really into the conventionally attractive athletes  

gabe landeskog is beautiful, but like a painting i want to look at. not like. have sex with.

perditious said: …these three people really might make me watch this show for really really shallow reasons (SHE IS SO HOT WOW)

they have quite an intense love triangle. (on all sides. although the m/m one is primarily extremely emotionally co-dependent friendship, over-interest in each other’s bodies/sex lives, and several erotic dreams. the alternative ending that the actors preferred has the three of them basically running off together, tho!) I DO ENCOURAGE YOU THEY’RE VERY ATTRACTIVE